Rent Payment Guide

Rent Due Date:


  • Rent is due On or Before the first day of the month.
  • Rent should be received  On or Before the first Day of the month even if the first lands on a Sunday or holiday (Post Office days and hours of operation are posted at ).


If you Know You Will be paying Late:

Please contact your assigned property manager BEFORE the due date. If no verbal contact is made before the due date then all late penalties and/or other recourse will be applied.


Late Fees and Penalties:

  • If rent is received after the due date without verbally contacting the property manager you will be expected to pay the late fee for that month (See your Lease for fee amount).
  • GNP reserves the right to give eviction notice per Wisconsin’s statute.
  • Late fees will not come out of your security deposit, they are considered rent. 


Dropping off Rent?

We No longer offer rental payment drop off. Our drop box location is no longer available to us.


Mailing Rent?

We No longer accept rent via postal carrier of any type. We use a great payment portal system online that is much easier to pay direct via ACH and also keep records of as well as many other benefits.



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