How to Properly Give Notice

To properly give notice:

  1. Notify GNP in Writing (Email is also acceptable, text is not, nor is verbal)
  2. Once official notice is given youre move out day will be the last day of the following month.
    • For Example: If you give notice any day of October then your last day of tenancy would be November 30th.
    • This is based on Month to Month Tenants or tenants reaching the end of their lease.
  3. GNP Will get in touch and go over some details of the process
    1. We generally will do an inspection within a few days of notification to familiarize ourselves with what needs to be done, and prepare to advertise, and answer any questions the tenant may have.
  4. Showings of your unit will begin 7-10 days from your notice as we seek to fill units as quickly as possible
    • We do showings Wednesday nights at 6PM and Saturdays at 11AM until the unit is spoken for.
  5. Download and start working on the "Move Out" document and "Move out checklist" from this website that describe the entire process and a checklist of items to clean.
  6. When you have all your items out and have the unit cleaned to "Move In Ready Condition" we will entertain a final walkthrough and look at the unit.
  7. We follow the Wisconsin Statutes on security deposit returns
    • Security deposits minus damages are sent to you forwarding address with the "Security Deposit Transmittal" Form that lists damages.
    • Wisconsin allows 21 days from the last day of the lease for this to be sent. We try to send them more expeditiously when possible.



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