Preparing to Move out?

When you are moving out and will or have given notice:


  • You must give proper notice per your lease. Written or email only.
  • You must still pay your last month’s rent, even when you are month to month.
    • Your security deposit is not a substitute for your last month’s rent.
  • Security Deposits are returned expeditiously, within 21 days of vacancy per state statute. Before your deposit is returned, the property manager will inspect the unit once vacated.
  • You will need to forward your mail.
  • Please make sure to Give us a forwarding address for security Deposits
  • Plan ahead on garbage and recycle. Please dont leave the next tenant with full cans. Please do not use recycle container to put regular trash
  • We will handle all the utility transfers. Please do not call WPS or the water utility and tell them to cancel. We will handle that to avoid mistakes, and billing errors, as they are frequent.
  • We recommend overlapping a few weeks between places. To move and clean in one night or weekend is unrealistic.
    • ​The majority of our security deposit charges are due to lack of, not doing, or inadequate cleaning.
    • Units must be returned to "Move in Condition" at time of move out.
  • Download the Move Out Documents for a checklist and detailed instructions/expectations (especially useful for cleaning guideline!)


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