Preparing to Move out?

When you are moving out and will or have given notice:


  • You must give proper notice per your lease.
  • You must still pay your last month’s rent, even when you are month to month.
  • Your security deposit is not a substitute for your last month’s rent.
  • Security Deposits are returned expeditiously, within 21 days of vacancy per state statute. Before your deposit is returned, the property manager will inspect the unit once vacated.
  • Please leave an address where the property manager can contact you and send your security deposit.
  • Make sure you have turned in all your keys and garage door openers. You will be charged if those are not returned.
  • Download the Move Out Documentbelow for a checklist and detailed instructions/expectations (especially useful for cleaning guideline!)


Move Out Document
GNP Companies Tenant Move Out Process and Checklist
Move Out Process Generic V-1.1.3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [682.2 KB]
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